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  • 52 Ways to Screw an Artist, by Warner Bros. Records

    September 25, 2012 - no Comments

    62Over at Digital Music News they have a great dissection of how James Taylor had so many problems getting the royalties due him even after an audit. Sadly, this is a story that dates back to 1969, when a young James Taylor signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records. That was the beginning of a breakout career that included numerous hit songs and

  • Lyor Cohen Resigns As Warner Brothers CEO

    September 25, 2012 - no Comments

    62Warner Music Group has announced that their Chairman and CEO of Recorded Music, Lyor Cohen, is stepping down as of September 30th. Cohen, who had been with the company since 2004, is credited for restructuring the Recorded Music division after joining Warner nearly eight years ago – witnessing several hits with artists like The Black Keys, Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green and more. “To