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Exotic Ebony and Granadillo Inspire Taylor’s Spring Limited Edition Guitars

Spring abounds with exotic tonewoods and fresh inspiration in Taylor’s line of Spring Limited Edition guitars. Celebrating the heritage of the 600 and 400 Series, Taylor is offering fresh voicing with the inclusion of two exotic tonewoods to the mix: African ebony and granadillo.


Beautiful sapwood-infused ebony makes a striking impression with two models, the 614ce-LTD and 616ce-LTD. The ebony was sourced from a sustainably managed forest in Congo, and each set is visually unique, as swaths of light-colored sapwood and dark heartwood play off each other with stunning effects. Compared to Macassar ebony, the African species has a slightly higher density, which yields a ringing, overtone-rich character with a linear quality across the tonal spectrum.European spruce was chosen for the top because of the way it matches ebony’s sonic personality. “It has a strong attack with a lot of headroom, making for rich, saturated notes,” says Taylor master builder Andy Powers, who designed the guitar. The effect is intensified with Adirondack spruce bracing. Because of the rich overtones, this wood pairing is likely to appeal to fingerstylists and other players who favor a complex acoustic voice. Unique aesthetic touches include an ivoroid/koa “Spiked Ovals” fretboard inlay, ivoroid binding, curly koa top edge trim, an ivoroid/ koa rosette, and gold Gotoh 510 tuners.

In the 400 Series Limiteds, players are treated to granadillo, a native wood to Central America. Granadillo is often compared to rosewood, but with a sonic crispness that resonates well with players of all styles. Paired with a Sitka spruce top, these guitars boast an impressive sustain and are available in four different body styles: Dreadnought, Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium and Grand

Symphony, all with a cutaway. Granadillo was also used for the bridge and headstock overlay, and complementary appointments include rock maple binding, rosette and Progressive Dot fretboardinlays.

The 600 and 400 Series Spring Limiteds both ship with a deluxe hardshell case and come equipped with Taylor Expression System® acoustic electronics. The models are currently available in the United States at Authorized Taylor Dealers.

To experience the new Spring Limiteds while at Musikmesse, please visit the Taylor Guitars stand in Hall 3.1 E80 & E83 

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Taylor Expands the 500 Series with First Edition All-Mahogany Guitars

Celebrating the rich musical heritage of mahogany, Taylor Guitars is pleased to expand its popular mahogany 500 Series with several new all-mahogany models. Offered in all five Taylor body shapes, the models are making their debut as part of a special First Edition offering at the Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.


Mahogany has been prized by instrument makers for decades for its beauty and tonal strength, offering players a meaty midrange character with a strong emphasis on the fundamental frequencies, especially with the inclusion of a mahogany top. “It’s a strong, direct sound,” says Taylor master builder Andy Powers. “Mahogany acts as a natural compressor, so once a note has been played and the frequency set in motion, you hear the pure note without complex overtones.”  With its dry, crisp projection, mahogany lends itself to a variety of playing applications. “It works well in a live setting, amplified, on a recorded track with other guitar parts,” Andy elaborates. “Musically, mahogany offers a lot of versatility. Whether it’s someone who is playing with other musicians or a solo fingerstyle player, it will amplify well and make an amazing stage guitar.”


The new all-mahogany guitars will be released in a limited run of First Edition models in each of Taylor’s body shapes: the Dreadnought (520), Grand Concert (522), Grand Concert 12-Fret (522-TF), Grand Auditorium (524), Grand Symphony (526) and Grand Orchestra (528). Each guitar features special appointments, including ivoroid binding, a black pickguard, and a new “Century” inlay, which incorporates a retro-inspired progressive fretboard pattern and headstock detail. Each guitar will be available with optional Expression System® electronics and/or with a cutaway and available at Authorized Taylor Dealers.


To experience the new 500 Series First Editions while at Musikmesse, please visit the Taylor Guitars stand in Hall 3.1 E80 & E83.


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Taylor Guitars Seeks Stories from Players and Fans

Every guitar has a story and Taylor Guitars wants to hear it. On the heels of the company’s 38th anniversary, Taylor is inviting fans and owners to share their Taylor tales through a new online platform called, appropriately, Taylor Stories. Located on the Taylor Guitars website, the feature enables fans to submit their Taylor anecdotes, upload a photo, and include a link to a video.

Among the first round of stories is an account of an 810 which was wounded during a California earthquake but went on to become a hit machine; a reflection on how a Big Baby made an immediate impact and provided solace during difficult times; and the remarkable recovery of a 414ce and its owner after both were injured during a monstrous tornado.

Story submissions can be made directly through www.taylorguitars.com/taylor-stories

upon the acceptance of the terms and conditions. While on the site, visitors can also check out the Taylor Sessions page, where artists including Shinedown, Jason Mraz, Blackberry Smoke and others perform their hits, and in a few cases, share their own Taylor story.


Washburn Introduces the New Paul Stanley PS12 Starfire Guitar

Designed in conjunction with Kiss’ Paul Stanley and based on his USA Washburn PS2012 model, Washburn Guitars is proud to introduce the affordable Washburn PS12 Starfire.

The PS12 is a sleek, classically inspired design that features a carved “raised center” solid mahogany body and mahogany neck for warm tone and lots of sustain. A bound ebony fingerboard is fitted with 22 easy playing jumbo frets and features stunning pearl/abalone split block inlays. The high quality hardware includes a custom Paul Stanley tailpiece machined from solid aluminum aiding in sustain, aTune-O-Matic bridge, graphite nut and premium Grover® 18:1 tuners for precise tuning. The mirrored pickguard ties in nicely with the headstock shaped mirrored trussrod cover. Both contain a silk screened variation of the Paul Stanley Starfire logo. Electronics include 2 chrome mini humbuckers, each controlled by separate top hat volume and tone knobs and a 3-way pickup selector.

The high output mini humbuckers produce a tone all their own that is both versatile and will sit front and center in a stage mix. Judicious use of the volume and tone controls will reward the player with a wide pallet of biting and/or creamy sustaining tones to choose from. The PS12 Starfire is available in black or white, includes a gig bag and carries a retail price of $1,426.90.

For more information on Washburn, visit www.washburn.com

Fender American Vintage Series 1st 46 Neck Plate


First 46 guitars of each model year are numbered, representing first of their kind for increased collectability.

Fender is proud to announce the release of a limited number of the popular American Vintage Series instruments featuring “1st 46” neck plates, a designation given to the first 46 instruments of each model year. These neck plates commemorate the fact that Fender was founded in 1946, as well as the fact that Fender is releasing the most accurate and beautiful Fenderreissue instruments ever from key historical years. The neck plate will serve as an indicator that these “1st 46” models were the first of their kind to be built, as well as add an element of collectability to these first run instruments. These units will be randomly distributed around the globe for Fender fans everywhere to have a chance to find one in their local stores.

The American Vintage Series has long presented some of Fender’s best-selling guitars (their early-’80s introduction, in fact, was one of the first signs that Fender was “back” as the CBS era ended). Today, Fender has boldly cleared the slate to make way for a fresh American Vintage series with new features, new specs and the most meticulous level of vintage accuracy yet. Rather than just replacing the previous models with different ones, the entire vintage-reissue concept has been completely and comprehensively re-imagined—restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colors and more—based on actual vintage guitars designers tracked down to ensure even greater accuracy.

All the new American Vintage Series guitars feature thick and slim necks with profiles and edges carefully re-sculpted to reflect even greater period-correct authenticity, with both maple and rosewood fingerboards, vintage-style frets and bone nuts; all-new vintage-style pickups wound to period-correct specs and sound to accurately reflect specific model years, and even specific periods within specific model years; retooled pickguards, parts and hardware designed to accurately reflect specific model years (and again, even specific periods within specific model years), and standard and custom-color finishes re-formulated for even greater period-correct authenticity.

The new guitars are the American Vintage ’56, ’59 and ’65 Stratocaster® models (’56 model also in left-handed version), American Vintage ’58 and ’64 Telecaster® models (’64 model also in left-handed version), American Vintage ’65 Jazzmaster® and American Vintage ’65 Jaguar®. Also, the American Vintage ’52 Telecaster returns to the fold (in right- and left-handed versions) with body, neck and pickups refined with the best features—tones, curves, perimeters, radii and more—from a handful of extraordinary ’52 Telecaster specimens examined by Fender craftsmen.

Taylor Guitars International Fall Road Show Dates Announced

With fall quickly approaching, the Taylor Guitars Road Show team has announced another season of guitar fun at Authorized Taylor Dealers around the globe. From Sweden to Hawaii, nearly 200 new dates have been booked, promising Taylor fans and guitar enthusiasts the opportunity to connect with Taylor experts straight from the company’s factory in El Cajon, California for both product education and guitar playing. At each event, Taylor’s Road Show team shares insights on the company’s guitar-making process and the award-winning Expression System® pickup, and demonstrates how body shapes and woods affect tone. After the demonstration, guests are invited to sample a variety of different models, along with rare and custom Build to Order guitars, as part of Taylor’s “Petting Zoo.” Admission to each Road Show is free.

The 2012 Road Show schedule will kick-off with multiple dates in New York, Pennsylvania and Germany, followed by dates in Texas, Oklahoma, Spain and France. Additional dates will be listed on the Taylor Guitars Road Show and Events page: http://www.taylorguitars.com/events/road-show

While on the site, fans can also see the latest stops of the company’s popular Find Your Fit events; a one-on-one with a Taylor factory expert to help match players with a guitar that fits their playing style. Also, fans can plan to meet the Taylor factory staff at a variety of festivals and events held throughout the year.

For more information on Road Show dates and locations, please visit the official Taylor Guitars Road Show calendar at www.taylorguitars.com/events/road-show