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NAMM: Soultone Cymbals Vintage Old School Series Cymbals Based on Drummers Requests and Involvement for a New Take on Classic Sound

Soultone Cymbals™ is proud to introduce the addition of Old School™ Edition cymbals to their Vintage Series™ product line. The company will be presenting them at the 2010 Winter NAMM show (Booth 2979, Hall D). Developed in cooperation with Soultone Cymbals’ roster of top drummers, percussionists and their own Turkish master craftsman, this new line is based on the classic cymbals of the 1950’s and 60’s. They offer a richer, darker signature sound, and a new EarthStroke™ natural finish with deeper lathing to provide a sweeter open tone for nearly any style of music. In addition, the company worked with Jimmy Ford, Owner of Ford Drum Company, to help identify and recognize some specific tonal properties and timbre for this special addition to an already successful series. Soultone Cymbals developed their own multi-stage treatment bath to produce the unique finish and for the Old School Edition as well.


“Our mission continues to be about creating the finest quality cymbals in the world, whatever it takes, and this very special new line sounds incredible – they really feel great to play, too,” reports Iki Levy, founder and CEO of Soultone Cymbals™. “Our artists give us lots of input and my wish was to incorporate their ideas throughout our products. They are a major part of the process for us and the reason we will not settle for anything less than perfection. Drummers and percussionists know what they want and they want the best of the best, so they come to us.”


Dealers and buyers will have special opportunities for purchase available during the 2010 Winter NAMM show at the Soultone Cymbals booth, 2979 in hall D.

Vintage Series – Old School Edition by Soultone Cymbals™ Features:

  • NEW! EarthStroke™ dynamic finish
  • Warm, darker pitch, and clean precision sound
  • Drier tonal balance and natural feel for less harshness
  • Deep lathing with extra hammering texture
  • Available as Crash/Ride or Hi-Hat models only

Crash/Ride cymbals: Available in 18″ – 22″ sizes
Hi-Hat cymbals: Available in 13” – 15” sizes


Place pre-orders now. Shipping as of January 14, 2009.

MSRP (based on model) ranges from $499 – $699 USD depending on size and type.

About Soultone Cymbals™:
Established in 2003 by legendary drummer and percussionist, Iki Levy, after his frustrations with mass-produced and inconsistent sounding cymbals led him to develop his own designs. Today, the company produces superior quality cymbals that offer unmatched sound, feel and performance for today’s most demanding drummers and percussionists, Soultone Cymbals™ has a rapidly growing roster of respected artists – from nearly every genre and style of music – with a reputation for excellence and outstanding personal attention. These benefits continue to establish them as the new leading force in percussion products for every generation of performers searching for their “soul mates.”

Soultone Cymbals™ are available through their global network of musical instrument retailers and specialty dealers including: Drum Connection, Memphis Music, Professional Drum Shop, The Chicago Music Store, Good Time Music, The Drum Room, Indie Music, DiBella Music, Music Lab, ADS Drums / Klingair Ltd (UK), Budagov Ltd (ISRAEL), Krzysztof Sierpinski (POLAND), Cool Cat Music Gear (Thailand) and many others. 

Zildjian develops the new 22-inch K Dark Medium Ride with Cindy Blackman

{mosimage} The new 22-inch K Dark Medium Ride features a large bell for excellent projection, and special hammering and lathing to open up the cymbal for broad tonal complexities and a darker, warmer sound. Exclusive "Pin" lathing enhances the "crashability" and gives the cymbal an appearance reminiscent of the 1960s era K Zildjians.

On designing the new ride with Zildjian, Cindy commented, "When I approached Zildjian with the idea for the K Dark Medium Ride, I wanted to create a multi-use cymbal that would work in any musical situation; Enough clarity and wash to cut through the heavy guitar sounds of the Lenny Kravitz band, a big, full and exciting crash, and enough stick definition to drive the music. I also wanted a cymbal that I could shade and color, and a cymbal possessing the dark, pretty overtones, and finesse associated with the K Zildjian sound to use with my own band. I feel that this cymbal portrays all of the qualities I was looking for."

Cindy came to Zildjian to personally test the first batch of cymbals. She and R&D/Quality Manager, Paul Francis spent the day making sure they were exactly how Cindy had specified.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies every cymbal notating the number of each cymbal as it was made.

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Zildjian expands tonal options with new A Custom EFX cymbals

{mosimage} The 16-inch and 18-inch A Custom EFX cymbals feature specific "cut-outs" that interrupt the sound moving over the body of the cymbal to produce a trashy, white noise sound effect. The shimmering qualities of the brilliant A Custom finish allow the cymbals to make a dynamic impact to any cymbal set-up.

Paul Francis, R&D/Quality Manager said, "Over the past few years, our artists were taking our original Remix EFX cymbal and removing the factory installed jingles from it to use as an extra special effects cymbal. From their feedback on several prototypes, we decided that the A Custom series gave the EFX design a more crisp and modern sound. It was exactly what they were looking for."

Suitable for all genres of music, the A Custom EFX is already being used by a wide variety of artists such as Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band), Antonio Sanchez (Pat Metheny Group) and Aaron Spears (Usher, American Idol Tour).

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, the A Custom cymbal series was developed with the assistance of legendary drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. The award-winning range utilizes unique hammering techniques, thin weights and a striking brilliant finish for a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound. Not too dark, not too bright – cymbals that are just right for modern music.

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Zildjian adds ‘Light’ Line to famed K Zildjian Series

{mosimage} The 24-inch K Light Ride is the first-ever 24-inch cymbal within the K Zildjian series and is being used by a diversity of artists such as Travis Barker (+44), Joey Castillo (Queens of the Stone Age), Ronnie Vannucci (The Killers), Matt Wilson (jazz artist) and JJ Johnson (John Mayer). This monster generates wide variations of sound and its thin weight provides a dark pitch with plenty of overtones and "crashability". The cymbal also features a bell smaller than normally found on K Zildjian Rides, good stick definition and a controlled wash.

Lower in pitch than traditional K Zildjian HiHats, the 13-inch and 14-inch K Light HiHats feature a medium-thin top for a broader range of tonal colors, paired with a medium bottom to ensure a solid "chick" sound. The 13-inch size is higher in pitch than the 14-inch size.

Brad Baker, vice-president and chief marketing officer commented, "We feel these new 'Light' models fill a real need in today's music. The feedback we received during the development of the 24-inch K Light Ride was overwhelming. Our artists loved them and our customers bought almost all the prototypes we had during the Steve Gadd clinic tour and at PASIC this year. The Light hi-hats have a broader sound range and will also appeal to both rockers and jazzers."

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Zildjian introduces the Zak Starkey Artist Series Drumstick

{mosimage} Developed with the contributions of the drummer for The Who and Oasis, the Zak Starkey model is designed to maximize control, impact, and dynamics and can be used for a wide range of musical applications. The stick features a large acorn bead for full tones and the pop art "Target" logo used by The Who and is constructed from U.S. Select Hickory.

You could say that Zak Starkey was destined to play the drums. Being the son of Ringo Starr and spending his teenage years with Keith Moon, gave Zak a headstart on his career that most other drummers can only dream of. Zak has been with The Who for over ten years and has recently toured and recorded with Oasis.

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Zildjian adds four new models to its popular ZHT Series of cymbals

{mosimage} Like all ZHT cymbals, these new models start with tonally responsive 88/12 Bronze Alloy, which is comprised of 88 per cent Bronze and 12 percent Tin. This alloy combined with full lathing and professional style hammering produce a cymbal that is clear and consistent, producing a versatile mid-range tonal response.

The largest of the new models is the 20-inch Crash Ride that is in keeping with today's musical trend towards large drums and cymbals. It is the largest sheet metal Crash cymbal that Zildjian has ever offered. The preferred use of this cymbal is for rock settings where maximum Crash cymbal sustain is desired. This cymbal fills a lot of musical space with a full-bodied cushion of mid-range sound. It also may be used as a Light Ride for jazz settings.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the "Fast" weight cymbals, Zildjian has added 15-inch and 17-inch Fast Crash cymbals. Fast weight cymbals sonically open up very quickly which is desirable for a Crash cymbal. hese are perfect for providing clean accents and are natural additions for a player that is looking to add-on to their existing set-up.

For players looking for articulate and lively HiHats Zildjian now offers the 13-inch ZHT Mastersound HiHats. The smaller diameter size controls the overall tonal output while the Mastersound feature (rippled edge) on bottom cymbal boosts the foot chick and overall tonal presence.

The ZHT Cymbal Line offers a complete range of sounds including a number of specialty cymbals to add color to the baseline models and Cymbal Pre-packs. ZHT's musical versatility, extensive product line, professional looks and exceptional value make them the only serious choice for players considering Sheet Bronze cymbals.

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