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  • RUSH – The Illustrated History

    August 22, 2013 - no Comments

    62Here is a terrific keepsake for all RUSH fans!  This is a beautifully illustrated history of Rush’s entire career from 1968 to its current 2013 tour. A complete Rush discography chronicles all their albums, from the debut album to 2112, Moving Pictures, and Signals to Grace Under Pressure, Vapor Trails, and more.  Also included are album reviews written by well-known music journalists

  • Hal Leonard Publishes The Martin Ukulele

    August 20, 2013 - no Comments

    62The Martin Ukulele is a detailed look at the ukuleles built by the C. F. Martin Co. of Nazareth, PA, and at how the instruments’ success forever changed the company that made them. Martin’s ukulele making led the small, respected builder of fine guitars and mandolins into an era of unprecedented growth in the 1920s and helped it become one of the most

  • Worship Musician Presents The Worship Guitar Book

    May 21, 2013 - no Comments

    62With the release of The Worship Guitar Book, acclaimed guitar talent and music industry expert Doug Doppler has written the most comprehensive guide for today’s worship guitarists. Being an accomplished musician and a true worshipper himself, he understands the challenges that worship guitarists face every day, and provides answers and help for those who want to express their love for God through the

  • Mastering Auto-Tune

    April 15, 2013 - no Comments

    62The definite guide to the most important music technologies of the past 15 years From bedroom studios to the stages at Coachella, Auto-Tune pitch correction has become an integral part of music production and performance. Mastering Auto-Tune provides users of all levels a handy, comprehensive guide to getting the most out of this key music production technology, from the ubiquitous Auto-Tune effect heard on

  • 2nd Edition of The Business of Audio Engineering

    April 11, 2013 - no Comments

    62This Music Pro Guide helps you navigate the current business climate, make a great living, and create the ultimate audio engineering lifestyle Whether you’re an independent studio engineer, a live sound operator, a broadcast technician, a postproduction specialist, or a student diving headfirst into the real world, the second edition of The Business of Audio Engineering is written just for you. The author shares

  • Backbeat Books Publishes The Keyboard Handbook

    April 8, 2013 - no Comments

    62The Complete Guide to Mastering Keyboard Styles Montclair, NJ (April 8, 2013) – The latest installment in Backbeat’s successful Handbook Series, The Keyboard Handbook is a step-by-step course in keyboard playing for musicians of all levels. Beginning with the basics of posture and technique, it offers a series of more than 80 specially written exercises and covers a wide variety of classic and contemporary

  • Cool Jobs In The Music Business

    March 14, 2013 - no Comments

    62In Tune Partners, the renowned music education company, publishes Cool Jobs In The Music Business, a guide for anyone interested in a career in the today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly changing music business. The book is distributed by Hal Leonard, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more. Industry veteran and chair of NYU’s Clive Davis

  • Get a free copy of the new book Six-Figure Musician

    December 12, 2012 - no Comments

    62From David Hooper’s site: 1. This book has a $100,000 Guarantee This book is the real deal. It contains inside information that I have shared with private clients over the years and it will work to help you sell more music, get more people to your shows, and make money in the music business, regardless of the economy, piracy, or whatever other

  • Backbeat Books Publishes Jimi Hendrix: Musician

    December 12, 2012 - no Comments

    62Many books about Jimi Hendrix have concentrated on showmanship and rock ’n’ roll excess, but Keith Shadwick’s Jimi Hendrix: Musician(November 2012, Backbeat Books, $19.99) focuses on Hendrix’s musical legacy and explains why Hendrix continues to enthrall succeeding generations of musicians. Hendrix was a larger-than-life figure and that has sometimes obscured the role of his music in other books written about him.  Jimi Hendrix: Musician puts

  • Jimi Hendrix The Ultimate Lyric Book

    November 8, 2012 - no Comments

    62Arriving in time for Hendrix’s 70th birthday is this collection featuring never-before-seen songs, photos, and handwritten lyrics Jimi Hendrix was such an extraordinary guitarist, it is easy to forget that just as much passion, soul, and precision went into his lyrics.  Inspired by Bob Dylan, Hendrix was a fearless lyrical innovator, willing to let his imagination guide him to uncharted landscapes within

  • MusicPro Guides to Give Away Free Books and Skype Call with Author to Lucky Winners

    November 2, 2012 - no Comments

    62To celebrate another great year at the Audio Engineering Society convention, MusicPro Guides is giving away prizes on our YouTube channel. If you didn’t attend AES or simply couldn’t make it to the Hal Leonard booth, don’t worry, you can still enter the giveaway! Simply visit by November 12th and subscribe to our channel. If you are already a subscriber, enter the giveaway by commenting on

  • Zen and the Art of Producing

    August 10, 2012 - no Comments

    62Companion book to Mixerman’s popular Zen and the Art of Mixing now available. Hal Leonard Books, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more, has published Zen and the Art of Producing ($24.99) by Mixerman. Following the popular Zen and the Art of Mixing, this new book provides valuable insights for both neophyte and veteran alike. Mixerman

  • Hal Leonard Publishes The Power in Cubase

    July 30, 2012 - no Comments

    62Hal Leonard Books, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more, has published ThePower in Cubase ($16.99) by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth. This comprehensive, thoughtful, and engaging guide is written to help the new user master the ins and outs of Cubase.

  • Hal Leonard Publishes Microphones & Mixers

    December 8, 2011 - no Comments

    62Hal Leonard Books, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more, has published Microphones & Mixers ($39.99) by Bill Gibson. The book is an updated second edition of Book 1 in the 6-book Hal Leonard Recording Method series and includes a DVD ROM and online media. As the first book in the series, Microphones & Mixers

  • The Blues Guitar Handbook

    October 17, 2011 - no Comments

    62Backbeat Books, publisher of books for performers and fans who are passionate about music, has published The Blues Guitar Handbook ($29.99), by leading guitar authority Adam St. James. This comprehensive book and CD package provides everything a guitarist needs in order to understand and master finger style acoustic blues, bottleneck, post-war electric blues, jazz blues, and modern blues-rock.    “The Blues Guitar Handbook