How Labels Screw Bands using Jurisdiction and Venue

In this video entertainment lawyer Marty Frascogna describes how labels will using contract language to get one over on artists.
This is a primary reason why artists are avoiding record labels and entertainment lawyers are recommending that you learn how to sell your music online. There are many ways, but specifically we are discussing Jurisdiction and Venue. It is possible to get these changed in contracts. It never hurts to ask, but more than likely you won’t win this fight unless you have some negotiating power behind you.

This is one of those clauses that most people just skip right over. But, of course, it can make a big difference especially if — as Frascogna uses in his example — you’re 3,000 miles away, and the label owes you lots of money. It can be more expensive to actually get to the court in question than the money that’s owed to you.


Author: Mike Stahl

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