Five iOS apps for Guitarists

David Ellefson Rock Shop App

Pocketlabworks and David Ellefson, bass player for Megadeath, created the Rock Shop app. A truly social guitar effects app dedicated to Ellefson, Rock Shop boasts not only his signature effects and amps, but in-app feeds from the star’s social networks including YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Price: $9.99



Amplitube Slash

Amplitube for iPhone by IK

Multimedia brings their long-established software plug-in to iOS with 11 built-in stomp box effects, five amps, five speaker cabinets, and two microphones. They worked with Guns n’ Roses’ guitarist Slash, to build an in-app upgrade for Amplitube. It features additional sounds modeled after his exact amp and effect settings. The Amplitube Slash edition is also the first appearance of any official Marshall amp or effect feature on any iPhone, Mac, or PC.

Price: Original (Free), Slash Edition ($14.99)


With 12 amps, 20 amp channels, 13 cabinets, 16 pedals, and eight microphones, the AmpKit+ app from Agile Partners and Peavey Electronics takes customization of your digital rig to the next level. The in-app recorder saves both dry and wet recordings so you can switch rig setups without having to re-record, and allows for exporting to SoundCloud.

Price: AmpKit (Free), AmpKit+ (19.99)


The JamUp app from Positive Grid features one of the largest core tone libraries of any guitar effects app on the iPhone. You can essentially build a music library that fits in your pocket thanks to the 26 amp models, 34 effects, multiple in-app tone upgrades, and the ability to save and share your presets with any other JamUp user.

Price: Lite Version (Free), Pro (9.99)
Digitech’s Stomp Shop

The Stomp Shop takes a different approach to iOS-based effects. Their external iStomp stomp box handles all the processing, freeing guitarists from being hooked to their device. Using the Stomp Shop app, musicians select and download new presets, then install them to the iStomp through a Digitech Smart Cable. The Stomp Shop app is free, but each additional e-pedal costs around $.99 and the iStomp costs $150.

Price: App (Free), iStomp ($150), e-pedals ($.99 each)

Author: Mike Stahl

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