Hard Rock Records is Accepting demos and Offering Support

The people that brought you the Hard Rock Cafe and Hard Rock Hotel are now bringing out Hard Rock Records.

The idea has been floating around for a while, but there was one problem… How do you make money?

It’s a marketing budgeted expense that gives us the freedom to not worry about if a band sells 100,000 copies or 100 copies…The success for us is taking a band that doesn’t have the means to tour but really wants to pursue their dream of getting on the road. We’re hoping that it’s a long-term marketing thing, so that when they are out on tour and any bands they are playing with, hopefully they are talking positively about Hard Rock.

Blake Smith adds:

We want to find bands that need a leg up. We take them for a year, make a record with them, give them video money, give them a van, get a booking agent to help them get on the road, and hopefully find them another label that is going to house and better build them for the long-term. We do all this with them, and they keep every penny of everything and they walk after 12 months.

Right now they don’t appear to have a specific web site setup for HRR, but here is a submission address:

Hard Rock Records
6100 Old Park Lane
Orlando, FL 32835

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Author: Mike Stahl

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