Chime Chrous from Kasha

kasha chime chorusCHIME…  It makes any guitar go from a double coil to a single coil with a flip of a switch.  With this pedal you will be able to recreate some of the classic tones from artists like Summers and Edge.  In addition, it interfaces to any instrument transparently.   Six string acoustics can turn into tone of 12 strings, pianos turn into harpsichords.  The Chime Chorus was ear tuned by music industries great engineers, producers and artists.


For more information, please contact us.  We are in the process of producing sound clips for the Chime Chorus, but we have a limited run, so don’t wait, call us now to reserve your pedal.

– Noiseless true bypass

– Mix dry and wet chorus

– Clear and Chime tone

– Analog and digital

– Compact design

– Weighs less than 1 lb

– Blue LED indicator

– High quality knobs

– 9V Batt or DC Adapter

– Powdered aluminum

– Made in the USA

Price: $180.00


Phone: 818-584-2299

Shipping – FREE IN USA



Author: Mike Stahl

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