Cerwin-Vega Releases Bass Management PA Guide

The document provides in depth detail on bass frequencies and their properties, why subwoofers are important, the types of subwoofers available and their characteristics, the history of bass in PA systems, system configurations for various applications, setting up powered and non-powered subs and full range cabinets, cables and connectors, and setting up crossovers.

“We did a survey and discovered that most people have a lot of questions regarding the proper use and set up of PA systems,” states Mike Newman, Brand Director for Cerwin-Vega.  “We wanted to create a series of informative guides to help people get the best sound out of their performances.  What better place to start than with bass? – which of course has been the foundation of our reputation since the company started in 1954.”

The bass management user guide is free of charge and can be found at www.cerwin-vega.com in PDF form to download now. Click here

Author: Mike Stahl

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